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Easy step to do your document Attestation In Nigeria

admin 2 years ago

How to do document attestation in Nigeria

Some people do not really know what attestation means and i think it is probably because they have never had any need for it. I know to some people seeking educational advancement in other countries or seeking to migrate for employment purpose, attestation rings bell to them.

Now before i move ahead in telling you how to attestate any document in Nigeria or do attestation, i will like to quickly define what attestation is.

An attestation is a declaration by a witness that an instrument has been executed in his or her presence according to the formalities required by law

Now for those people travelling purposely for better employment or to further education outside Nigeria, they often get asked to attestate their documents for the authenticity.

Since nobody knows whether the documents are genuine or not, the only way to be sure you are bringing the right documents is by attestation.

What Can You Attestate? Since attestation is a declaration by a witness to show that an instrument is genuine and in accordance with law requirements, then any documents worth defending can be attested. For example, you can attestate,

  • O’level Result
  • National Diploma Result (ND)
  • Higher National Diploma Result (HND)
  • Bsc Result
  • Marriage Certificate …..etc

How Do I Go About It? If you are in Nigeria, just travel down to Abuja (FCT) and locate Federal Secretariat (That is where Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry Of Education are located).

If the document you want to attestate is a result, then you will have to first go to the Ministry Of Education and when you are done, you will then go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finish it up.

You should also note that you cannot attestate HND/Bsc without your O’level result, it has to be done in an ascending order.

What i mean is that, if you want to attestate your HND, you need to do the same for your O’level result and ND result as well, you can’t jump it.


Make four (4) copies of the document you want to attestate
If it is an O’level result, purchase a scratch to check the result online
Make a print out of the result and attach it with the scratch card used in checking it
Go to the 7th floor of the Ministry of Education and obtain a form
Fill the form and submit it with the original and photocopies made
You will be asked to go and make a payment in the bank
When you are done, bring back the bank draft to collect the receipt and once that is done, your document will be stamped with The Ministry Of Education Seal
After this, you will then proceed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is located at the opposite side of Ministry Of Education where you will finish up with the attestation process.

NOTE: It all sounds cool and easy but the number of people who go for attestation daily will beat your imagination. If you really want to go and do it by yourself, then you have to be there early enough and one more thing, you should also know how to give tips otherwise, you might not finish those easy steps in 4days. If you know how to give tips, then within some hours, you should be done.

I hope this helps in guiding you through the process? Kindly recommend and share for others to learn too. Thanks.

If you have documents (Results/Certificates) to attestate and you want it done quickly, you can make use of our service by sending mail to me on olagunjujeremiah@gmail.com or ring me on +234-8163551780, or Whatsapp +234-8163551780 everything will be ready within 3days. Thanks


  1. sam May 7, 2018

    I only have a laminated o’level certificate, could it be attested for when presented to the ministry of education

  2. admin May 15, 2018

    yes, it can be attestated

  3. Sunday June 10, 2018

    Can the attestation be done by proxy?

  4. Opeyemi June 28, 2018

    my O’Level, ND and HND are statement of result not a certificate . can the attestation on then like that or they must be changed to certificate before it is done


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